The Delphi ASIO & VST project is a framework for writing applications using the ASIO interface and VST plugins using Delphi. The framework itself sits on top of the VCL framework by Delphi and the LCL framework in case of Lazarus (currently only partially supported).

Several examples show what can be done with the framework. The examples are ranging from simple sound generator applications over filter and dynamics plugins to complex VST plugin hosting examples utilizing the ASIO interface as I/O sources for the sound.

With these packages for Delphi the user can easily create VST plugins or ASIO applications within minutes. The included algorithms for filters and dynamics help to built effects without much knowledge of digital signal processing.
While the interface is object-oriented as much as possible, the processing on the lower-level is mostly written in assembly language to ensure a good CPU-performance. Thus audio development is not only easy, but the compiled binaries are also fast.
Beside that several useful units are include to handle MIDI, audio file formats (such as WAV) and GUI components.
The package comes with dozens of examples. There are standalone applications (ASIO Sine Generator, Metronome, Mini (VST-)Host, etc.). Also there are many VST example plugins (filters, EQ, dynamics, distortion, MIDI handling and beside many more a port of the mda plugins is also included).